In Revestimientos Benicam SL we use appropiate work systems according to the needs of each project. To do that, we arrange all the materials required to provide a better service (different tools, hanging platforms, scaffoldings, mechanical lifting arms, etc). Everything is done to meet our customer’s expectations. We work with a Technical Architect, a Building Forensic Consultant and an Interior Designer.

Facade Restoration and Painting

The facade is one of the main elements in a building and must be treated carefully, like we do with the home interiors. Continuous outdoors exposure to weather conditions (rain, sun, frost or pollution) makes the exterior facade damage easily.


In Revestimientos Benicam SL we explain the work process to follow in order to ensure the facade gets a good aesthetic and decorative appearance. At the same time, a good waterproofing and a proper protection are ensured, which are the most important things to endure external Wall coverings.


The basic points to follow are:

1. Washing with pressurized water machine.

2. Crack repairs and forged frameworks.

3. Fixative spray application.

4. Painting.

Facade cleaning

It is used to remove different materials which prevent us from a good adhesion of the new product. There are three different techniques:


1. High-pressure water cleaning, which is mainly used for removing rough surfaces, mildew, salty residue, mortar rendering, etc.


2. Cleaning made by heat exposure (light bulb). This technique is used to remove all kinds of coatings or silicon coatings.


3. Sandblasting cleaning. It is used to remove all kinds of paintings and oxides of different facings, mainly in iron frameworks, steel structures, facades, etc. This method is used through air pressure values which vary from 4 until 8 bars. It can also be used by projecting different types of materials such as aluminium silicate or vegetable grit.


Waterproofing consists of protecting the building against water effects which can lead to moisture, stains and surface damage. Because of that, in Revestimientos Benicam SL, we use the best products and techniques in the market for different types of surfaces.


We use two different types of waterproofing: asphalt cloth and polyurethane membrane.


Asphalt cloth waterproofing with a mortar layer. Afterwards, we use polystyrene boards. Immediatelly, we place a geotextile cloth and finally a gravel layer.


This waterproofing method consists of a soil and plants drying, a high-pressured water cleaning, cracks and junctions reparation, a layer of fixative sealer, a first primer coating and two coats of final liquid membrane. Then, we place some of the two types of draining, either arlita or gravel with a geotextile blanket to divide the soil up with a drainage product.


Joint sealants main objective is buildings operation in both facade and roofs, preventing air and water penetration and thus reducing the damage that may occur.


Epoxy resin is a material which is applied to different types of flooring like Commercial Car Parks, Community Garages, Shopping Centers or Housing. It is resistant to abrasion with a totally homogeneous finish and a perfect seal which removes all pores (which is perfect for its hygiene).


In Revestimientos Benicam SL we have a team of experts in decoration, Venetian Stucco, Marble Effect, Patinas and all kinds of paper.

Auxiliary Means

In Revestimientos Benicam SL we have a wide variety of auxiliary means to provide our customers a wide range of services. Each Project will be carefully studied to see which auxiliary means are the most convenient for both our customers welfare and the proper execution of our work.


It’s a useful vehicle to transport materials in residential areas, which allows us to make our work more efficiently.


It’s an electric suspended scaffolding with a variable length of 2m to 12m, which allows us to work at heights and with several groups of workers, which allows us to work quicker.


It is a tool which allows us to work in any type of facade, reaching up to 16 meters. It is able to enter any difficult access area, and it permits a maximum or 1000 kg. It allows us to get it even in gardens.


It’s a mechanical lift arm, which reaches up to 16 meters high and it has got a peculiarity: as it is a 4X4 we can get it into any complicated area (urban areas, mountainous terrain, etc).

Other Services

  • Technical Architect
  • Building Engineer
  • Forensic Experts
  • Interior Designer

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