In Revestimientos Benicam SL we use appropiate work systems according to the needs of each project. To do that, we arrange all the materials required to provide a better service (different tools, hanging platforms, scaffoldings, mechanical lifting arms, etc). Everything is done to meet our customer’s expectations. We work with a Technical Architect, a Building Forensic Consultant and an Interior Designer.

Façade Restoration and Painting

The facade is one of the main elements in a building and must be treated carefully, like we do with the home interiors. Continuous outdoors exposure to weather conditions (rain, sun, frost or pollution) makes the exterior facade damage easily.


In Revestimientos Benicam SL we explain the work process to follow in order to ensure the facade gets a good aesthetic and decorative appearance. At the same time, a good waterproofing and a proper protection are ensured, which are the most important things to endure external Wall coverings.


The basic points to follow are:

1. Washing with pressurized water machine.

2. Crack repairs and forged frameworks.

3. Fixative spray application.

4. Painting.

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