In Revestimientos Benicam SL we use appropiate work systems according to the needs of each project. To do that, we arrange all the materials required to provide a better service (different tools, hanging platforms, scaffoldings, mechanical lifting arms, etc). Everything is done to meet our customer’s expectations. We work with a Technical Architect, a Building Forensic Consultant and an Interior Designer.

Facade cleaning

It is used to remove different materials which prevent us from a good adhesion of the new product. There are three different techniques:


1. High-pressure water cleaning, which is mainly used for removing rough surfaces, mildew, salty residue, mortar rendering, etc.


2. Cleaning made by heat exposure (light bulb). This technique is used to remove all kinds of coatings or silicon coatings.


3. Sandblasting cleaning. It is used to remove all kinds of paintings and oxides of different facings, mainly in iron frameworks, steel structures, facades, etc. This method is used through air pressure values which vary from 4 until 8 bars. It can also be used by projecting different types of materials such as aluminium silicate or vegetable grit.

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