In Revestimientos Benicam SL we use appropiate work systems according to the needs of each project. To do that, we arrange all the materials required to provide a better service (different tools, hanging platforms, scaffoldings, mechanical lifting arms, etc). Everything is done to meet our customer’s expectations. We work with a Technical Architect, a Building Forensic Consultant and an Interior Designer.

Auxiliary Means

In Revestimientos Benicam SL we have a wide variety of auxiliary means to provide our customers a wide range of services. Each Project will be carefully studied to see which auxiliary means are the most convenient for both our customers welfare and the proper execution of our work.


It’s a useful vehicle to transport materials in residential areas, which allows us to make our work more efficiently.


It’s an electric suspended scaffolding with a variable length of 2m to 12m, which allows us to work at heights and with several groups of workers, which allows us to work quicker.


It is a tool which allows us to work in any type of facade, reaching up to 16 meters. It is able to enter any difficult access area, and it permits a maximum or 1000 kg. It allows us to get it even in gardens.


It’s a mechanical lift arm, which reaches up to 16 meters high and it has got a peculiarity: as it is a 4X4 we can get it into any complicated area (urban areas, mountainous terrain, etc).

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